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  • Brand
  • Geberit
  • Series
  • Serie irrelevant
  • Type
  • Mambo, Rumba, Sigma10, Sigma30, Tango
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# Art. no.
Description Replacement for Remarks
1 241.873.00.1
Geberit conversion set for actuator plates Danceline
240.935.00.1, 241.875.00.1
1.1 241.874.00.1
Geberit set of actuator rods for actuator plate From 2008
1.2 241.876.00.1
Geberit mounting frame for actuator plates Sigma From 2008
1.3 241.878.00.1
Geberit bearing of rocker, for actuator plate Mambo From 2008
2 241.877.00.1
Geberit fastening material for actuator plates Sigma and Delta (2 pc.) For mounting frame Sigma from 2008
4 813.514.00.1
Geberit spring for actuator plate
Geberit extension set for Sigma, Omega and Kappa concealed cisterns
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  • Year of manufacture from
  • Dimensions / Design
    24.6 x 16.4 cm
  • Range
    Sigma30, Rumba, Tango, Sigma10, Mambo
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